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Conditions of Use

defacto GmbH, department
Status: 01.02.2020 

1. General information 

Our supplies and achievements exclusively take place due to these trading conditions. One contradicts to counter attestations of the buyer under reference to his business and purchasing conditions hereby. Deviations from these terms of payment and supply are effective only if we confirm them in writing. 

2. Price information 

Supply to Germany and in European Union states the indicated prices are gross prices and contain the legal VAT. For non--European Union states the price is represented as net price without VAT impact. Possibly additional country-specific customs duties can result with the import. 

3. Offer and contract conclusion 

All product descriptions e.g. illustrations, color representations, mass and weights are only approximately and witthout obligation. This applies likewise to the quotations. Orders can be delivered us by telephone or by email. By clicking the switching surface "order" deliver you mail an obligatory order of the goods contained in the warenkorb. The confirmation of the entrance of your order takes place together with the acceptance of the order immediately after mailing via automated E-Mail. With this E-Mail confirmation the sales contract came. The delivery takes place only in household-usual quantities of final consumers. We reserve ourselves to cancel orders which contradict that obviously. 

4. Supply and dispatch 

There is no minimum purchase order value. We supply so long the supply are enough. A supply takes place within Germany free of charge.

In the case of supply into other European countries we compute an impact of overall minimum 15, - EUR per article for the dispatch. The supply by us takes place under the reservation that we ourselves are supplied correctly and in time and the missing availability not to represent to have. Compensation, also in the case of late or incomplete supply, is impossible, as far as no rough negligence is present. With unavailability of the commodity we you immediately to inform and a possible pre-payment is refunded immediately. The dispatch takes place with DHL. The supply takes place always as fast as possible. We strive to dispatch the goods on workdays within 24 hours after order to you. With prepayment the supply is dispatched after reservation entrance on our account. Therefore come here approx.. 1-3 working-days for the running time of the bank posting in addition.  

5. Terms of payment 

The payment of the goods takes place within Germany by prepayment or with Paypal. In the case of supply into other countries the payment takes place exclusive by prepayment or via Paypal. 

6. Retention of title 

The commodity remains up to the complete payment our property.  

7. Guaranteed right of revocation and conversion for private final consumers. 

With us you have the possibility as private final consumers within 14 days after receipt of the commodity of returning the productYou can send the commodity back without indication of reasons to our logistics partner. We would be pleased, if you contact us before a return by email ( 

In the case of supply to Germany:
We put a back transmission mark to you at the disposal, with which you can send the supply back free of charge at us. 

In the case of supply outside of Germany:
Please you send the commodity back freely at us. 

During return the commodity is complete and in a packing suitable for safe transport to send back (e.g. in the original cardboard). A depreciation or a degradation of the commodity (e.g.: through use) goes debited to the customer and with refunding the purchase price one charges. Unfreely returned transmissions are accepted by us. The difference of the resulted extra postage to our normal forwarding expenses is brought however with refunding proportionately to the departure. 

Legal revocation instruction
Excluding consumers have the following legal right of revocation. 

Right of revocation
They know your contract explanation within two weeks without indication of reasons in text form (e.g. fax, E-Mail) recall or by return of the product. The period begins at the earliest with receipt of the commodity and a detailed revocation instruction in text form. For keeping the punctual sending off of the revocation or the thing meets the period of revocation. 

The revocation is to arrange on:  
defacto GmbH 

or by the return of the commodity at our Logisticpartner. 

Revocation sequences
To be given change in the case of an effective revocation on both sides received achievements to be refunded and uses if necessary pulled (e.g. interest) are. If you cannot refund the received achievement to us totally or partly or only in worsened condition, you must carry to that extent if necessary indemnification according to value for us out. During the hiring of things this does not apply, if the degradation of the thing exclusive on their examination - as she would have been possible you for instance in the ladengeschaeft - to lead back is. In all other respects you can avoid the indemnification according to value obligation, by taking the thing not like their property in use and omitting everything, which impairs their value. Things package-capable of being shipped are to be sent back. They have to bear the cost of the return, if the supplied commodity corresponds to the ordered and if the price of the thing which can be sent back does not exceed an amount of 40 euro or if with a higher price of the thing at the time of the revocation yet the return or a contractually agreed upon partial payment did not furnish you. Otherwise the return for you is free. Things package-capable of being shipped are not fetched with you. Obligations for refunding of payments must fulfill you within 30 days after sending off of your revocation.  

8. Responsibility 

We are responsible only for damage, which is based on resolution or rough negligence. In the case of the injury of substantial contract obligations we are responsible for each culpable behavior of our coworkers. We are not responsible for indirect damage, in particular not for escaped profit, it is, these damage are based on resolution of coworkers or resolution and rough negligence of our legal representatives and our leading employees. Except with resolution of coworkers and resolution and rough negligence of legal representatives and leading employees the adhesion of the height is limited after on the damage typically foreseeable with contract conclusion. We cannot take over adhesion for the constant and continuous availability of the InterNet operational readiness level and for technical or electronic errors of the on-line offer. 

9. Data security 

Your data are used and processed exclusively in the context of the valid data protection acts. We store the personal data exclusive for the job execution and following customer service. 

10. Place of delivery and area of jurisdiction 

Place of delivery of all requirements from the contract between us and the buyer is Munich. Likewise Munich for buyers is in the sense of the commercial code the exclusive area of jurisdiction of all disputes from the contractual relation. 

11. Other 

If a regulation should be futile or become, then the validity of the other regulations remains of it unaffected. These use conditions are subject to the German right under exclusion of the uniform international purchase right. 

defacto GmbH
Prinzenstrasse 14
49828 Neuenhaus

Managing director:
Georg Pal

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