mymingolf airtrack 


The myminigolf airtrack (340 x 140 cm) compensates for unevenness in the surface and offers the optimal ball speed and performance.

The set - up is very simple: roll it out - open the valve and the playing area inflates automatically within 5 minutes.

The valve remains open on most surfaces. If the surface is particularly bumpy like on grass, you close the valve to achieve more rigidity.

While the playing area inflates the fencing edge can be pumped up with mouth or pump.

The playing area is printed with a tee point and positioning fits in the colors of our obstacles.

When playing, one obstacle after another is put on and played through by all players.

Then the next obstacle is applied. The outside edge prevents the ball from rolling away and enables playing over the boards.

There are no obstacles, clubs or balls included.

Airtrack is delivered rolled up in a compact polyester carrier bag.


Packaged dimensions: 75x30x30cm, 6 kg

Now available here in our shop for 199,00 €