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mymingolf Birdie 

The track compensates for uneven surfaces and offers perfect performance and ball speed on all flat surfaces, indoors and outdoors.

The boards are attached to the playing field using Velcro fasteners. It prevents the ball from rolling away and enables play over the boards

Before first use, 21 Velcro stickers must be stuck to the track, instructions included in the package.

You don't need more space than the 340x110cm to play mini golf;

Instead of going from lane to lane, the obstacles are simply changed here.

This saves time and is more sociable because the group stays together.

The outlines of our obstacles are printed in the respective colors and enable intuitive and quick conversion.

The tee point is recessed so that the ball stays where it belongs.

In addition to the well-known holes from the mini golf course, our obstacles can be combined with each other to create around 50 additional holes.

Delivery includes carrying bag but without obstacles. Please order a Myminigolf set in addition.

Packed dimensions: 120x22x33cm, 6.9 kg


              myminigolf bundle set 
combination of set basic and playground birdie 

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